The Backsliders are....

    Jason McDonald - Mandolin, Vocals
    Don Fletcher - Fiddle
    Ed Sexton - Guitar, Vocals
    Warren Recoskie - Guitar, Vocals
    Terry McDonald - Bass, Vocals

Jason McDonald from Stittsville is a lead vocalist and mandolin player whose voice and stage presence represents the spirit of the Backsliders. His high voice is perfect for bluegrass and his mandolin playing puts him in the top ranks of mandolin players.
Don Fletcher, also from Stittsville, handles the fiddle parts with ease, flair and enthusiasm. Don's wide experience with all types of fiddle music, Quebecois, Irish, down east and Ottawa Valley gives an impressive depth to his part in the Backsliders.
Ed Sexton, from Ottawa, began playing guitar in his home in the Gaspe.  In addition to being able to take a guitar break at any time and sing lead or harmony in his warm voice he is uncanny in being able to remember songs he's heard from way in his past. Trying to bring a new song into the group usually has Ed saying "Is that the one that goes..." and it usually is.
Warren Recoskie is from the Upper Ottawa Valley and now resides in Orleans. He sings lead and harmony and plays guitar. Whether playing ballads or picking fiddle tunes Warren's guitar work is a pleasure to listen to. He has a powerful solo voice and is able to provide harmonies which add so much to our music.
Terry McDonald, from Stittsville, is our bass player and is most proud to be Jason's dad. He has a long history of playing bluegrass music, jokes about the bands he's been thrown out of, enjoys singing a song or two, and we're happy to have him keeping time with us.

Friends of the Backsliders

Dennis Alexander - Luthier, Violin

Dennis' craftsmanship can be heard in the sound of the Backsliders Bluegrass band. Don has been playing an Alexander Violin since 2000 and describes his instrument as his "pride and joy".

You can check out some of Dennis' work here: